99 Percent Mine

by Sally Thorne

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Maybe he’s only 1 percent mine. That has to be enough. I have to share.

There is a bond between twins that can’t be replicated with just anyone. More than siblings and more than friends. I witnessed it my whole life, with the special relationship between my father and his twin brother. Like Darcy and Jamie Barrett in 99 Percent Mine, my dad and uncle had a relationship that couldn’t even quite be called a friendship. A magnetic pull towards each other, a care and concern for one another that transcended amicability. 

This book was a love story, about the love that endures between friends, lovers and twins over the years. And as much as I loved the undeniable attraction between Tom Valeska, her lifelong crush, and Darcy Barrett, I also loved the constantly looming presence of Darcy’s other half, her twin Jamie who also completes her.

‘You’re too important to me,’ Jamie tells me in a hush, like it’s our secret and not even Tom is supposed to hear it.”

Darcy was imperfect. A big personality with short blonde hair, she easily became the center of attention in a room. Her love for Tom was big too; their chemistry palpable and their history long and entwined. When Tom is hired to help renovate the twins’ grandmothers’ house, he is forced to reconcile his feelings about Darcy and his loyalty to the Barrett family.

“I want to know what his goddamn bones smell like. Let me start down in his DNA structure and work my way back out.”

There’s reasons that Tom and Darcy shouldn’t be together: he is engaged to Megan, she is constantly traveling. However, the excuses fade away and Tom and Darcy begin to confront their feelings for each other.

If… he were mine, I’d be in that tent too. All night, every night, as the wind whistled and the rain beat down. I’d never let another woman sit as close as I am right now. Megan seriously let thiswalk around on earth, completely unattended?”

I loved this book, probably even more than her previous novel, The Hating Game. This was not a book I wanted to put down and it went by too quickly. While reading, my heart felt like Darcy’s at times: bursting with lust, weak with despondency, whole and complete with love. 

“And when I look up at him, my heart unfurls. There’s no better word for it. It’s like a time-lapse photo of a rose opening whenever I think about how he is mine.”


Reviewed by Michele W.

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