A Notorious Vow

By Joanna Shupe

A Notorious Vow by Joanna Shupe

In the Gilded Age in New York City, Lady Christina is a British aristocrat whose family has fallen on hard times and desperately need her to secure a match with a wealthy suitor. They attempt to arrange her with an old and frightening but wealthy man who would be a terrible match for the quiet, innocent Christina.

Oliver Hawkes is a wealthy recluse who lost his hearing after a bout of scarlet fever in his teenage years. Although it was hard for him to adjust to this new normal, with the help of a dedicated doctor he was able to learn sign language and live a better life than many other people in his condition at the time. But still, he shuns society life and instead prefers to advance his studies and dedicate his time to inventing something that could change the lives of other deaf people.

Christina and Oliver meet in a breathtaking scene and their love evolves from there. Although they are both homebodies, their passion for each other is evident. The devotion and care that each had for the other was evident and lovely. Many times, like when Oliver agreed to a marriage of convenience to save Christina from a terrible fate; or when Christina puts all of her fears behind her to defend the man, the pair showed the they had loyalty and love for each other.

I am always drawn to stories of people finding love and hope when they are in times of uncertainty or despair. Joanna Shupe wrote a beautiful story of an unlikely pair that make perfect sense together.


Review by Michele W.

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