Hi! I’m Michele. I love all things love and I hope to help you find your next favorite romance read. Thanks for following along!

Between These Sheets began as a way to chronicle the romance novels I was devouring weekly. 

I am an avid reader who has had a lifelong love of books. Over the last couple of years, I became hooked on reading romance novels and desired a way to catalog them. I created an Instagram account to join in #bookstagram conversations and get recommendations and really enjoyed the community that I found there.

What started as a way to track the books I was reading turned into a way to put into words the feelings that each book brought out; to highlight my favorite quotes and passages; to draw inspiration from fashion, music and movies; and to connect with my fellow book lovers.

I am based in the Bay Area, originally from New York. I am a wife and mom. Besides staying up too late or getting up too early to read with a cup of coffee, I love to garden, travel, cook vegetarian food and bake bread, hike in the beautiful California sunshine and do yoga. I look forward to sharing my love of books with you. Please reach out, I would love to hear from you!