Alex, Approximately

By Jenn Bennett

This book was so cute – a coming of age story and a sweet romantic Young Adult novel. Bailey goes through some tough obstacles: dealing with her parent’s divorce, attempting to understand her mom’s cold attitude to her, and trying to cope with a traumatic experience. She finds solace in her friendship with Alex, a boy she met online but who lives in the California beach town her father has moved to.

Bailey, or Mink, as she is known online, is awesome. She has a great sense of style that is inspired by 50s icons – pin up curls and cute skirts and sandals and high waisted shorts. She is smart and resourceful, self aware in a way that is refreshing for a teenager. She is brave and bold but definitely doesn’t consider herself to be. She has good intentions and is a good friend and daughter.

Bailey decides to move in with her father in a beach town set not too far from me in California. I picture the Santa Cruz when the author beautifully describes the natural arches at the beaches and the salty foggy air of the boardwalk and the towering redwoods.

She gets a job at a local tourist attraction and immediately butts heads with the attractive security guard, Porter. There was just the right amount of rivalry turned flirtation to make this enemies-to-lovers plot line work. The way that Porter and Bailey fell in love was so natural and beautiful to read about it.

Soon, Bailey loses her determination to track down Alex after she keeps hitting dead ends. This sub plot, of who is Alex and when will it be reveled that Bailey is Mink, is cute but not even necessary. There was enough intriguing drama in the story that the way that this plot unfolded was not as climatic as some other obstacles this couple had to face.

Overall I loved the beautiful descriptions of California and the honest love and personal growth and development that our heroine experienced.


Review by Michele W.

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