An Offer From a Gentleman

By Julia Quinn

An Offer From a Gentleman (Bridgertons, #3) by Julia Quinn

My love of the Bridgerton series continues, with the third book in this wonderful series, An Offer From a Gentleman. I loved this take on the classic Cinderella story. Sophie lives a quiet life of desperation, constantly working under the thumb of her stepmother after her father passes away. Sophie sees seemingly no escape from this life until the housekeepers encourage her to sneak out to the Bridgerton masquerade ball.

In a beautiful nod to the classic Cinderella tale, Sophie escapes from her stepmother’s clutches for one night to twirl in the arms of Benedict Bridgerton at his family’s masquerade ball. Their paths don’t cross again for many years later, but both always held on to that special night that they shared. When they do meet again, only one of them recognizes the other but the attraction remains.

This book was at times heartbreaking but also the beautiful thread of family and love that is woven throughout the Bridgerton series remains. Although Benedict may be my least favorite of the Bridgerton brothers, I loved Sophie and her journey. I am eager to read Colin and Penelope’s book next.


Review by Michele W.

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