Bringing Down the Duke

By Evie Dunmore

This book is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2019. Annabelle is an impoverished vicar’s daughter whose intelligence gets her the opportunity to attend Oxford’s first female class. She receives a stipend from a suffragette group and gains a group of loyal, intelligent female friends.

When soliciting for their suffragette cause, Annabelle and the Duke of Montgomery cross paths and their worlds collide.

“She was face to face with the rarest of breeds: a perfectly unmanageable man. She should run. Her feet were rooted to the spot. She couldn’t stop staring. Those eyes.”

I love a stern, serious Duke and Montgomery is the most. The title of this book is also perfect – she brings him down to her so thoroughly. 

“One might call it a sensual mouth, if one were to think about him in such a way, a promise that this reserved duke knew how to put his lips to use on a woman . . . This man and I are going to kiss.”

The writing is beautiful, the chemistry sizzling, and the perfect amount of resistance with valid hesitations. I know this will be a re-read one day.

“[She] recalled every sound and touch, and she had resolved to not follow his invitation and to stay away from him. She might as well have decided to stop breathing.”


Review by Michele W.

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