By a Thread

By Lucy Score

By a Thread by Lucy Score

I was immediately drawn into this book because I liked the feisty banter between Dominic and Ally. Dominic’s mother also seemed to be an intriguing character from the beginning by meddling in her son’s life. I wish she was more integrated in the plot The chemistry between the two was great and the writing was funny and humorous. However, there were many issues I had with the plot.

Dominic finds himself taking over the executive position that his creepy father once held at a high-influence fashion publication. His mother, an Anna Wintour or Miranda Priestly inspired editor in chief, put her son in this position despite him having dreams of being a math teacher. So while the nepotism was immediately off-putting, I was also questioning why Dominic agreed to take this position when he held so much contempt for his father and the way he used to run the business (by harassing the young women in the office).

So it makes it even more confusing that Dominic’s mother would gift Ally with a position as Dominic’s assistant, almost to tempt the guy into the same failures that his father experienced in that role. And that is the crux of Dominic’s conflict – he is so drawn to the sexy and temperamental assistant but really does a horrible job of keeping the lines drawn between them. He also seemed to constantly be masturbating – even in places where he knew he shouldn’t and couldn’t seem to help himself.

And then there is Ally. She would be the perfect heroine if she was 25 – she had a successful life in Colorado as a graphic designer but moves back to New Jersey to help pay her father’s medical bills and assist with his estates. In New York, she isn’t able to transfer her graphic design skills to a meaningful occupation rather than a few freelance jobs. She also takes on a role as a waitress and, true to her passion, a dance teacher. Yet Ally is 39 years old and that sort of life seemed less whimsical and more directionless. She truly struggled paying bills. I did not fault her for her taking the job with the magazine but it did seem a strange fit for her background and skill set.

All those issues with the plot aside, I did enjoy this read. I thought the couple were a good match and the writing was super funny at parts. I will definitely read others from this author.


Review by Michele W.

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