Chasing Cassandra

By Lisa Kleypas

What a joy to finally read Cassandra Ravenel’s book. Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for my advance review copy. It was such a pleasure to read about Tom and Cassandra finding love.

We have known Cassandra for a while and have watched her grow up through this series. Now that her twin sister Pandora is married, we find Cassandra at a loss – she feels incomplete. She has to face the prospect of a season without her sister’s companionship. Cassandra was always my favorite twin – beautiful and interesting. And we have been introduced to Tom Severin before and he always caught my attention as the fierce and powerful railway magnate.

But Tom is so much more than that, he is very complex. While he deals with his business ruthlessly, he doesn’t believe he is capable of the emotions or to feel love. But he knows that the instant he sees Cassandra, he recognizes beauty and a special peculiar quality about her that he is drawn to.

Oh how I loved these two – absolutely in love with each other but needing to discover it on their own. Cassandra needed some time to discover herself on her own. Tom needed to learn about compassion and opening his heart, and home to another.

I do wish that Tom and Cassandra came together naturally rather than having to join in a marriage of convenience to save her reputation. But by the time the two connected, it already felt like so much more than that.

Tom is so fascinating – his intelligence and curiosity are very intriguing. When Cassandra loses a shoe at a ball like Cinderella before her, Tom heads under a table to fix the table and retrieve her bejeweled shoe for her.

And when they are finally married, the honeymoon trip to Jersey is certainly worth the wait. 

Chasing Cassandra will be released on February 18, 2020.


Review by Michele W.

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