Courting Trouble

By Kerrigan Byrne

Courting Trouble (Goode Girls #2) by Kerrigan Byrne

The first part of Courting Trouble introduces us to Titus Conleith, a servant in a home of wealthy nobility, where he lays eyes on the beautiful eldest daughter, Honoria, or Nora. When they are both young, Titus saves Honoria’s life in a heart wrenching and life changing way. From this young relationship of trust and respect emerges an illicit affair that introduces them both to passion and admiration. However, Honoria must abide by her father’s expectations for her and pushes the young Titus away.

During their time apart, Titus goes off to war and returns to build his reputation as one of the most respected surgeons. Nora, meanwhile, was a damaged woman in an abusive relationship who ends up seeking redemption and salvation in lovers.

The pair reunite after a tragedy that unfolds in the prologue. The prologue actually includes the events at the end of Byrne’s first book in the Goode Girls series, A Dark and Stormy Knight. Although the events are summarized nicely, I recommend reading this book first as it references characters from this story as well as revisiting some of our favorites from the Victorian Rebels series – the Blackheart of Ben More makes several appearances.

I loved Titus’s true and good heart and his devotion to care and protectiveness of Nora. I almost wanted better for him than Nora but he was such a healing soul that they worked well together.

Because this love story spanned many years, the timeline did feel strange occasionally. Some parts felt glossed over or recapped, leading up to when the couple finally reunites, though there was so much I loved about both of their back stories.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Review by Michele W.

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