Dating You / Hating You

By Christina Lauren

I listened to the audiobook of Dating You/Hating You and although I thought the voice of Carter Aaron was fine, the voice of Evie was loud and grating and did not suit my vision of the character. It made it hard for me to enjoy parts of this book because her voice became a distraction. 

This book takes place in LA, where two Hollywood agents are forced to compete for the same position after their firms merge. This, after meeting at a party where they hit it off right away. The tension is high. There are some kisses, there are some pranks.

“When the waiter leaves, Carter leans an elbow on the table. ‘You give good shoulder.’ ‘I – what?’ He nods to my dress. ‘Your dress. Your shoulders.’ Cleaning his throat he adds quietly, ‘you just, look amazing.’ I whisper, ‘thanks’, and take a long drink of ice water to cool down the boiling just beneath the surface of my skin.”

However, the book at times focused more on the difficulties of a terrible boss and work environment than the romance, which I was absolutely fine with. Seeing a certain character get their comeuppance is a very satisfying part of the conclusion. 

Like other Christina Lauren books, I feel transported to the city I am reading about. In Love and Other Words, I was taken to Napa and the Bay Area and in Roomies, it was the bustling energy of New York City’s theater scene. Here, I was taken to Los Angeles and into the world of high power agents in a cutthroat environment. It made for some high tension office dynamics and an ultimate workplace romance. 

 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Review by Michele W.

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