By Sarah Smith

I picked this book up today and could not put it down. I totally devoured this adorable romance between two coworkers who apparently hate each other. It reminds me of The Hating Game, featuring an enemies-to-lovers coworker rivalry, and a nursing-back-to health sick bed scenario.

Emmie and Tate had a strange chemistry from the start and a series of situations forcing them together at work. I liked Emmie’s boldness. This was in contrast to Tate’s quiet dominance. Tate is a twin, and I thought it took a while to introduce a character who was so important – his twin sister. The whole high school reunion scene and forced conflict made me love this book just a little bit less. But it was true that they had a mutual love and admiration for each other. This was a fun, sweet romantic read.


Review by Michele W.

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