By Kristen Callihan

I really enjoyed this book, which was part historical murder mystery and part paranormal romance all wrapped up in beautiful writing, a well paced plot, and some sexy love scenes.

Miranda learned at a young age, to disastrous results, that she has the ability to create fire. This built in protection gave her the opportunity to explore London in ways that other women of her time were never able to. When her path crosses with Lord Benjamin Archer, he is strongly drawn to her but he is not even sure why. He recognizes his need for her.

Archer is a mysterious and has a nefarious reputation. He wears a mask to hide is presumably scarred exterior. When men who he is connected to start showing up dead, he is one of the suspects. Miranda knows that Archer isn’t the murderer, but also knows that her masked husband is holding tight secrets that he won’t even share with her.

I thought the premise of the book was intriguing but it wasn’t until the last few scenes that I was absolutely hooked. The conclusion is so exciting and satisfying that it bumped this review up by another star.

I haven’t read many books like this one before, with themes of Steampunk and werewolves hiding in the mist. But the mood and tone that Callihan sets and the beautiful way that she crafts the world pulled my attention in. I look forward to reading the next book in her Darkest London series.

Review by Michele W.

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