Fix Her Up

By Tessa Bailey

This book is a fun, flirty, steamy, and funnyyyy read. Georgie is hilarious, she’s literally a clown (that’s her job, it’s absurd but fits the story). Travis is her brother’s best friend/forever crush/former pro baseball player who has come back to their hometown for a fresh start. 

“She…reached back and unzipped her skirt. ‘Oh,’ she frowned. ’In my head, the skirt was going to drop and I was going to cock a seductive hip.’ His lips parted. ‘How do you do that? Make me this hot and wanna laugh at the same time.’ ‘See? I’m teaching you something new.’”

Their chemistry is awesome and these two are such a good match. There’s lots of tropes in this book, like the fake relationship they attempt in an effort to be taken more seriously. But I don’t even mind because this book flows so nicely and is such a good mix of humor and sex. This is my first Tessa Bailey but absolutely not my last!

“‘I didn’t expect you to want to put me in a good mood right then and there.’ ‘Stop telling me to put you in a good mood,’ he growled, backing her against the still open door, ‘or I’m going to do it.’”


Review by Michele W.