By Alexa Martin

I enjoyed the second book in Alexa Martin’s Playbook series even better than the first, which was a difficult to feat. Fumbled tells the story of Poppy Patterson, who faced many struggles as a teen mom rejected by her family. She worked hard to build a comfortable life for her and her adorable nine year old son, Ace.

TK is a star player on the Denver Mustangs. Poppy and TK have a complicated history, and seeing each other again causes lots of feelings from the past to bubble up to the surface. But there are a lot of secrets and hurt feelings that need to be addressed before Poppy and TK can move forward.

Poppy is such an awesome heroine; she is wonderful mom and her love for Ace is clear from his first mention on page. Everything she does is to provide for and protect her son. TK has a big heart and is super sexy. He integrates himself well into Poppy and Ace’s lives without being controlling or overbearing.

As Poppy and TK try to rekindle their past love, they must deal with the secrets of the past and the trepidation that Poppy has when TK hits the field every week.

Poppy’s friends, her sweet son and her hilarious wit were all more reasons I loved this book. When the couple faced a challenge towards the end of the book, I was frustrated with how TK handled it, but I am left hopeful for their futures.


Review by Michele W.

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