How the Marquess Was Won

By Julie Anne Long

This book is beautifully written and incredibly romantic.

“He liked the slow smile, because then it seemed to last longer, and light her face gradually, and it was like watching the sun rise. Or watching a… beginning. Of any kind.”

Theirs was a wonderful love story. Phoebe had a rough life but through perseverance was able to turn it around. She wasn’t looking for love when she met Lord Dryden (Jules – what an incredible name). Their chemistry was undeniable from the beginning. 

“You’ll forget you’ve ever been kissed before once I’ve kissed you.” The words were quick and fierce. He actually saw her breath catch, and then she went so still.” 

They lost me when he kept pursuing Lisbeth, but my feelings were hurt more than Phoebe’s it seemed. She was always in control, even when she wasn’t. She was bold and adventurous and free spirited but responsible.

“But in case she never kissed him again, she wanted to feel for herself what she’d done to him. And wonderingly, she savored the hammer blows of his heart against her palm.”

And, I liked her cat; the cat was annoying but he was *hers*. 


Review by Michele W.

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