I Will

By Lisa Kleypas

I Will by Lisa Kleypas

The Christmas novella, I Will, is featured in the holiday anthology A Christmas To Remember. It is also part of Kleypas’s Capitol Theatre series, which I really enjoyed.

Although this was a Christmas novella, it wasn’t very festive and most of the events of the story do not take place during Christmas time. I Will starts with a bully rake blackmailing his friend’s sister, Caroline.

The author does a good job of starting Lord Drake in a dark place where he imbibes too much and does a poor job of caring for his friends. He has an arc of redemption that we are rooting for.

Unfortunately, Caroline’s passions and desire for revenge lead to a scene where our protagonist is handcuffed to a bed, repeatedly telling our heroine “no”. The blurred lines of consent in this story really took me out of enjoying a sweet holiday romance.

However, Kleypas’s writing is superb and characters are well developed, so although the content was questionable, the novella was a good read.


Review by Michele W.

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