If I Never Met You

By Mhairi McFarlane

This book felt like real people making life decisions. They spoke like real people, reacted how somebody would really react; the emotion in this book was very authentic.

How refreshing to read a book featuring a fake relationship and have another character question the very honesty and integrity of it. They still proceed with the fake relationship, but that question lingered, and added a beautiful depth to this romantic comedy.

For a book that featured tons of tropes – getting stuck in an elevator, a fake relationship, the hero’s female best friend interjecting – it was authentic and real. 

Laurie is dumped by her live-in boyfriend of 18 years and it absolutely guts her. She has built a life and career around him and now finds herself at an impasse. Her ex quickly humiliates her by getting another woman pregnant and Laurie is left feeling desperate and alone.

The breakup was difficult to read about and terribly sad for our heroine. It helped make her happily ever after all the more sweeter. But the heartbreaking way that Laurie has to piece together what went wrong and learn to live her life on her own was difficult at times.

Jamie is handsome and charismatic but has a bad reputation as the office lothario. After Jamie and Laurie get stuck in an elevator together, they hatch a plan to enter in a fake relationship, to get Laurie’s ex jealous and to help improve Jamie’s standing at work. 

Emily, Laurie’s best friend is a great character. She’s super loyal and helpful and gives great advice to her friend.

Both Laurie and Jamie seemed too smart to hatch up this scheme but aside from the questionable plausibility, I was able to enjoy the two of them learning about each other and learning new ways to live, work and love.


Review by Michele W.

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