In Five Years

By Rebecca Serle

It’s complicated for me to write my feelings about this book. The description hardly does justice to what In Five Years by Rebecca Serle is about – Dannie, a high power NYC attorney, falls asleep on the night of her engagement to David and wakes up in an apartment and ends up in the arms of a handsome, mysterious stranger. The date on the news says 2025 – five years after her she fell asleep on her couch. When she wakes up, she is back in 2020 with her perfect job and perfect fiancé.

For the rest of the book, we are wondering if and when Dannie will cross paths with the mysterious Aaron again. And when she does, what does it mean for her future?

I think before I go any further in this review, I should mention that this is a cancer book. Meaning that an important character gets cancer and we read about all the heartbreak and despair that goes into navigating a cancer diagnosis of a loved one. Sometimes you have to really be in the mood to handle a book like this so I think the content warning is necessary.

I adored the premise of the plot and I loved the very real descriptions of living in New York City. Dannie comes from a place of very real privilege and she is also a hard worker. Her love for her best friend Bella and her fiancé David seem genuine.

When Aaron, the mystery man from five years ago comes back in Dannie’s life, it is not in the way that we would imagine. Trying to piece together the future might leave the reader frustrated and disappointed with the direction the characters are taking. I recommend not trying to piece it together and instead just letting the plot unfold naturally. Part of me wonders if this book would be better if we never had that flash forward five years. I don’t know if it gave Dannie any clarity and it certainly made me mistrust some of the characters who it turns out I should not have been concerned about.

The end of the book felt like a new beginning – one I would have liked to see start rather than end. This book demonstrated how the concepts of fate and soul mates can be very complicated.


Review by Michele W.

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