By Alexa Martin

The glamour, excitement, and pressures of being a football player’s wife or girlfriend are revealed in Alexa Martin’s Intercepted. Marlee especially feels the pressure. Her long term boyfriend is on the Denver Mustangs and she struggles to fit in with the mostly competitive and vindictive wives of the other players. Because she is a girlfriend and not a wife, she is looked down upon by some of the snooty wives.

However, when it turns out that her boyfriend is a cheating jerk, she breaks things off and doesn’t look back. She quickly moves on with the Mustang’s new quarterback, Gavin Pope. Gavin and Marlee shared a passionate night many years ago when she was on a break with her ex. Their past flame is quickly reignited.

I felt that Marlee moved on really quickly from a long term relationship into this new all consuming romance with Gavin. While I loved their shared history, I would have also loved to see some of Marlee’s independence. She gave voice to some protestations of Gavin being controlling or coming on too strong, but they didn’t feel at the right time (I didn’t think she needed to chasten him when he stood up for her to creeps yet was shocked she basically gave in to a major decision her made for her).

I did enjoy this book and thought it was a fun and intriguing look into a fascinating world.


Review by Michele W.

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