Love Lettering

By Kate Clayborn

Our latest pick for Between These Sheets Book Club, Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn, was a really enjoyable and thoughtful read. Meg Mackworth is a calligrapher who sees letters, words, and fonts everywhere. When she is hired to create the wedding program for Avery and Reid, she senses they are mismatched and hopes to get that message across through the wedding program.

Reid Sutherland is good at math, numbers and puzzles and deciphers Meg’s intended message. When his engagement to Avery ends, he tracks down Meg to get answers about her message. What follows is the story of two people who meet and fall in love. The drama in this book is not in Reid and Meg’s relationship, which feels real and normal. I loved the balance in the pairing of math-brained Reid and artistic Meg.

As a born and raised New Yorker myself who also fell in love with life, my husband, and the city itself, there were many parts of this book that I related to. It is a heartbreakingly familiar feeling to encounter those that want to leave the city and don’t share the same passion and love for it. So I related to Meg’s despair that Reid might not share the same love for New York that she did.

Meg’s life outside of Reid gave a more complete picture – her coworkers she wants to get to know better; her client, Lark, who is a famous actress; her rocky relationship with her closest friend; and the family secrets that she was desperately trying to outrun.

This book was surprising in a lot of ways, my two favorites were the intimate and beautifully written sex scenes, while not high on steam they were very emotional and well written. My second pleasant surprise was the critique on greed and capitalism.


Review by Michele W.

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