My Darling Duke

By Stacy Reid

This book is the first in Stacy Reid’s Sinful Wallflowers series. The Sinful Wallflowers consist of a group of young women who, frustrated by their lack of prospects after some unsuccessful seasons, have decided to take matters into their own hands by being bold and, well, sinful. I love a book with strong female friendships and although that story line was secondary, the friendships of the other Sinful Wallflowers were instrumental in our heroine’s growth.

Our heroine is Miss Kitty Danvers, facing another season without invites and attention and she is beginning to grow desperate. Her father passed away and Kitty’s family is on the brink of ruin. In order to even have a chance to help secure good matches for her sister, Kitty does something bold and risk. She decides to declare that she is engaged to the infamous reclusive Duke of Thornton, hoping that his name and connections will help her and her sisters better navigate society.

So while her lies start to spin out of control, Kitty begins to see the benefits of her new popularity. Meanwhile, Alexander Masters, the Duke of Thornton, has spent years secluded away from society after a horrible tragedy in his youth left him alone and disfigured and with many physical challenges. Nothing excites him or energizes him anymore and he spends many lonely days at his estate with just his sister and staff to keep him company.

However, his attention is drawn to Kitty – who is this woman who would be so bold as to declare herself affianced to the mysterious Duke?

Kitty was so brazen and daring. I loved her pure determination and total fearlessness in many regards. She put her family first and willing to risk it all – including the only thing she had to offer, her reputation. I liked the dominant streak that was in Alexander and it made me trepidatious as Kitty was lured into the lion’s den. But as we got to know the Duke we see him as he really was – quiet, reserved, secluded and having a somewhat low opinion of himself.   

This story was really beautiful, it showed that everyone deserves love and that it is worth the risk to pursue what your heart desires.


Review by Michele W.

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