My Fake Rake

By Eva Leigh

What a delightful read this was! In My Fake Rake, we are introduced to Sebastian and his fellow Union of the Rakes, a group of men who formed a lifelong friendship after serving a day of detention together when they were all in school.

Sebastian is an anthropologist, he spends his days researching. His social skills need improvement but he is able to maintain his friendship with the Duke of Rotherby as well as with Lady Grace Wyatt. Sebastian and Grace are study buddies – her eye is drawn to another man who would make a much better suitor on paper.

In an attempt to gain this other man’s attention, Grace and Rotherby team up to turn Sebastian into a Rake – hiding behind those spectacles is a handsome man with Nordic good looks. As Grace and Sebastian spend time together, their feelings for each other grow stronger.

I loved that Sebastian is not a typical alpha hero – he is smart and sensitive, not afraid to even cry in front of Grace. He is shy and reserved and lacks confidence but is sweet and tender and will fight for his woman. He isn’t cocky or vain. He doesn’t come from money but is so intelligent and inquisitive.

I started this book and finished it in less than a day because I just wanted to follow along on the pair’s delightful journey to realizing the truth of their feelings for each other.


Review by Michele W.

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