My Favorite Half-Night Stand

By Christina Lauren

It is hard to find a Christina Lauren book I haven’t liked. Their writing is so descriptive and flows so easily. The stories they tell have depth and nuance.  One of the best parts of a CLo book is the setting and the way the authors bring it to life.

And yet, My Favorite Half-Night Stand was not my favorite. A love story based on a “catfish” with an emotionally unavailable woman who is just one of the guys. 

Millie has a great group of guy friends where they all work at UCSB as professors. After drinking one night, she hooks up with the hot tenured professor, Reid Campbell. Reid is pretty perfect: he has a great job, a fun social life after a decade of focusing on work, an awesome family who live on a vineyard and he even adorably wears a bow tie in his messaging app avatar.

But Millie is too emotionally unavailable to connect with Reid beyond the surface. And Reid is looking for more.

So when Reid meets “Catherine” on a dating app and falls for her easy banter and deep communication, he battles between his feelings for the woman he knows in real life that he is attracted to and loves as a friend, and the woman online who is so open and forthcoming, she shares about her past and her deepest thoughts and concerns.

But Catherine is actually Millie and she is, to borrow a certain pop culture term, catfishing Reid. This very betrayal of trust and honesty and integrity was too hard for me to get past in the book. 

The friend group was fun, I liked their rapport. I wonder if a group of guys would really talk about dating that much together but I still enjoyed it. 



Review by Michele W.

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