No Judgements

By Meg Cabot

A category 5 hurricane is hitting Little Bridge Island in No Judgements by Meg Cabot.
I should remember the title and stop judging – I did not think I would be into this book about a woman, Bree, hunkering down in the hurricane with her sick cat, relying on the help of local hunk Drew Hartwell, and saving all the pets on Little Bridge Island.

But when my hold came up from the library I thought I would give it a chance since I have liked Meg Cabot’s books in the past. And this one did not disappoint. I absolutely loved the descriptions of beautiful South Florida. When I wasn’t feeling the rumble of thunder or spark of lightening and diagonal sheets of rain, I was feeling the ocean breeze and watching a beautiful sunset from a gorgeous porch.  

Drew’s family are prominent members of the Little Bridge Island community; his aunt and uncle own the cafe that Bree works at. After being publicly broken up, Drew is now the most eligible bachelor on the island. Bree is wary of his reputation but drawn to him.

Bree is one of my favorite heroines. After trauma in a past relationship and the death of her father, she decides to make a drastic life change and leaves behind her controlling and famous mother and her high stress life in New York. Her big heart and artistic eye and fun pink hair make her so lovable.

The pair had amazing chemistry and their relationship was well paced. It did feel like the ending was forced to tie up lots of loose ends but I did appreciate the closure that it gave. I look forward to Meg Cabot continuing this fun series about a strong and interesting community.

Review by Michele W.


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