Paradise Cove

By Jenny Holiday

Paradise Cove by Jenny Holiday

Our pick for the November selection for Between These Sheets book club was Paradise Cove by Jenny Holiday, the second in her Matchmaker Bay series.

Dr. Nora Walsh moves to Moonflower Bay, a small town on a great lake in Canada. She is the new town doctor and quickly assimilates with the locals. She befriends Jake Ramsey, the Aquaman look alike and local carpenter. They quickly fall into a friendship built on trust and understanding. The friendship develops into a friends with benefits situation that gets the whole town talking.

The cover of this book, with its beach towel and shades gives an impression that this is an easy, beach read. It definitely is not. It touches on difficult topics, like loss of a child, death of a loved one, grief and unplanned pregnancy. The writing is really good and heartfelt. And the sex scenes are surprisingly hot and plentiful.

I wish I had read the first in this series to get a better understanding of the cast of characters that make up Moonflower Bay. But this was easily a stand-alone romance that shows the beauty of moving forward past unthinkable tragedy.


Review by Michele W.

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