By Sierra Simone

What you might want or what you might expect from Priest, you will get. A confessional that gets thrilling from just the sounds of husky voices, a debauched priest and his willing congregant, sacred and sacrilegious uses of holy oil – it has all of that and more. But at its heart, Priest is a love story of two people dealing with their past and facing big challenges in their future.

Told from the point of view of Father Bell, Priest is a unique romance novel in that we only hear from the heroine during her recollections in confession. We hear first about all the turmoil, confusion and lust that Father Bell feels in regards to Poppy.

I like Poppy OK. I wouldn’t say she is the most developed character. Her motivations aren’t always clear and it takes me a while to trust her. She is beautiful and rich, but find herself drawn to the sexy priest at the church down the street from her new home.

This book is super super sexy, lots of steam and in beautiful graphic detail. I think the author did a great job of balancing this taboo topic while still crafting a compelling romance and bringing the heat that one would pray for.

Review by Michele W.


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