By Christina Lauren

  A marriage of convenience, a hit broadway show, and the vibrant drum of life in NYC all provide the set up for Christina Lauren’s Roomies. But really, this is a story of two people becoming better and more complete together.

  Holland has a major crush on the busker at her local subway station. Calvin is a Juilliard-trained musician from Ireland who has overstayed his visa and makes music with cover bands and by busking in the subway. 

  Holland has an opportunity to offer her assistance as a wife to Calvin so he can live his dream starring in Broadway’s newest hit musical (produced by Holland’s lovely uncle). I felt that the pieces fell into place a little two easily for Holland and Calvin. In a time where illegal immigration is such a hot topic and families are being torn apart by deportation, it breaks my heart a little to think of how easy Calvin had it by comparison. The couple even had a family friend as their immigration officer.

  But their chemistry was undeniable and how easily they both fell in love felt natural. I just wish they both had been more open with their feelings for each other from the beginning.

“Calvin is a nearly insatiable lover and his appetite for it calms the fever mirrored in me, makes me less self conscious and by the way it seems I want him again nearly as soon as we finished. He kisses me constantly and brings me tiny gifts: bookmarks with quotes from books I adore, my favorite chocolate covered oranges from the candy store around the corner and tiny pink treasures, earrings, a woven bracelet from a street vendor, zany fuchsia rimmed sunglasses.”

  I listened to this audiobook and loved Calvin’s Irish brogue, though I did hear it slip into Holland’s words as well. Christina Lauren’s writing is amazing and I can’t wait to read another of their books.


Review by Michele W.