Say You Still Love Me

By K.A. Tucker

This book is a second chance love story for two people who found love and adventure one summer at camp and then find their paths crossing many years later. This book alternates perspectives between present day, where Piper Callaway works a high pressure job as VP at her father’s real estate firm and the past, when Piper was a camp counselor at Camp Wawa.

At Camp Wawa, wealthy teen-age Piper is exposed to regular middle class kids and immediately feels a connection with the hot bad boy, Kyle. Piper and Kyle have an unforgettable summer, falling in first love, exploring each other, and acting out with their fellow rebellious counselors.

In modern day, Piper is career driven and a good friend to her roommates (who she also met that fateful summer at Camp Wawa). She is one of a few women that work at her father’s high profile real estate development firm, and she works hard to prove herself there. When her eyes catch on the sexy new security guard at her office building, she is shocked to see that its is Kyle, her love from that remarkable summer that she has not seen or heard from in years.

I loved the alternating chapters between modern time and the past; most storylines were intriguing and I really enjoyed putting the pieces together as Piper tried to do herself. I really liked Piper; although she was wealthy and privileged she was not snobby and very friendly and worked hard for what she had. I also really liked Kyle, though I wish he was more forthright with Piper from the beginning, though I did understand his struggles with doing so.

Overall, I loved the second chance these summer love birds were given; I enjoyed the sexy power dynamics between the high power corporate VP and the handsome security guard she has to pass by each morning; and I liked the secondary supporting characters, who were interesting and helped build the story.


Review by Michele W.

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