Scandal in Spring

By Lisa Kleypas

I had read the first three books in Lisa Kleypas’s fantastic Wallflowers series when I first started reading historical romance several years ago. The first books are fantastic and I wanted to save the fourth and final book for another time. Being quarantined in the middle of a global pandemic seemed the appropriate time to escape into a beautiful love story.

Daisy Bowman is the fourth Wallflower to find love. Her sister and two friends have all ended up with their perfect matches and Daisy’s father is set to marry her off to Matthew Swift, his business associate and mentee. Daisy remembers Matthew from New York and is not impressed with this match. She makes a wish to find better suitor before she is forced to marry Mr. Swift.

However, when the two are reunited after several years apart, he is not the boy she remembers him as but he has grown into a new man. Matthew has harbored feelings for Daisy for so long. It is the most endearing part of this book – the little subtle ways that Matthew has adored Daisy for a long time and the battle he struggles to tamper those feelings.

Daisy is whimsical, petite, and dreamy. Somehow, I liked her despite these fairy like qualities. She is a nice balance to the rigid Matthew, who I adored. Matthew has spent a lifetime denying his feelings for Daisy and escaping a past. When he pushes her away, it doesn’t feel forced.

I loved reading about these two and while I love the other Wallflowers, I thought Lillian was brash and frustrating in this book. I appreciated her motives and of course there were several parts of the book in which I loved her, but my frustrations with her were my only issue with this wonderful book.


Review by Michele W.

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