Scandal Takes the Stage

By Eva Leigh

Maggie Delamere writes beautifully tragic plays and has built a reputation for herself as a successful playwright. From her own life’s tragedy, she worked hard with her quill and her heart to pen the touching plays that mesmerized the hero, Cameron, Viscount Marwood, or Cam.

Cam is infatuated with the theater and especially Mrs. Delamere’s work. When he finally has the chance to meet her, he is just as enthralled with the woman. From there, Cam is pretty wonderful. He is supportive of Maggie’s writing process, opening up his home to her and her trope; helping financially by becoming a patron of the theater; and giving Maggie all the quills and space she needs to complete her next great work. To see a man so enchanted with a woman for her skill and talent was very special.

Maggie had to put aside her pre conceptions about members of the nobility in order to open herself up to Cam. But the connection that the two had was undeniable and Cam’s grand romantic gestures were wonderful.


Review by Michele W.

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