By Carian Cole

I know I shouldn’t like this book. The characters are super problematic – cheaters, liars, possessive and jealous. But oh. My. It was just what I needed and I tore through this in a day. 

Storm is not my type – long hair, covered in tattoos, wears eyeliner and has a big wolf dog. Evelyn is immature and sheltered. But yet! The two of them work. They have amazing chemistry and magnetism.

They meet when they get stranded together in a snow storm. After falling for each other, they have to go back to their own lives, Evelyn to her boyfriend of 12 years and Storm to his famous rock band that consists of beautiful men that all happen to be related to him.

Storm finds Evelyn so attractive because she is oblivious to his fame and fortune. He loves her innocence. Storm pursues Evie hard. She doesn’t know what she wants: her comfortable but boring life with her boyfriend (who she suspects is cheating on her) or the excitement that Storm brings.

This was my first book by Carian Cole and my first rockstar romance, but I am totally into her writing and excited to explore this sub-genre.



Review by Michele W.

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