The Blacksmith Queen

By G. A. Aiken

This fantasy/paranormal romance by G.A. Aiken was our July pick in the Between These Sheets book club. Many in the club were new to fantasy romance and I am not convinced that this book will bring them over.

The Blacksmith Queen starts out very violent and the thread of violence continues through the book. Keeley is a strong blacksmith woman (her beautifully strong and muscular shoulders are adoringly referenced several times). Keeley has a big family, with two sisters in particular making things particularly difficult for her.

This was the first book in a new series so there was a lot of world building and exploring and meeting all the different types who inhabit this world. There were also some loose ends that don’t get tied up, though Keeley does get her happy ending. The violence outweighed the romance in this book pretty heavily.


Review by Michele W.

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