The Bride Test

By Helen Hoang

Esme’s story was one of determination and hope, and she was lucky to happen to find love along the way. Khai was definitely not looking for love, but his mother was, for him. When Esme enters Khai’s life, she conjurs feelings he doubts he is capable of having. 

“He would never want anyone other than Esme. His addiction was very specific.”

Esme is hard working and capable of more than her circumstances in Vietnam. The US offers her so much opportunity. When she moved into Khai’s life, their cultures and hearts collide. The attraction is sexy, natural, and intense. Khai may not recognize his feelings as love but the affection he feels towards Esme is unlike anything he has felt before.

I love this author’s style of writing, creating even minor characters with such depth and complexity. I easily fall into her world and luckily for me, it takes place in the Bay Area, where I live. I love the familiar places and cities. 

“He tried to regulate his breathing, tried to calm the rush of his blood, tried to restore his usual functional state, but then he remembered he was allowed to kiss her. Anytime. He. Wanted. He pinned her to the door and claimed her lips, groaning as she softened and returned his kiss. He always expected her to turn him away, but she never did. It was a heady thing, her acceptance. What else would she let him do? With one last parting kiss on her mouth, he trailed his lips down her neck. He didn’t mean to, but he’d left a mark there. Deep caveman satisfaction unfurled inside of him, and he didn’t question it.”

I breezed through this book and excitedly passed it along to a friend.


Review by Michele W.