The Duke

By Kerrigan Byrne

Kerrigan Byrne once again delivers with her descriptive writing and the depths of her dark and tumultuous characters. The Duke, the 4th book in her incredible Victorian Rebels series, is incredibly well written and with a heartbreaking plot. 

Cole, Duke of Trewyth, is a total jerk and I never warmed up to him. He treated our heroine, Imogen, horribly from their first fateful encounter and over the course of several years when their paths keep crossing in painful ways.

After a night of passion in which Cole pays Ginny’s boss for the chance at her virginity. After a passion filled night, he is off to war where he becomes prisoner and is brutally tortured. He survives, a hand missing and with scars on his body, and he is a changed man. And yet somehow he is even more of a prick than when he was a young misogynist soldier who manhandled the waitress.

I kept waiting for the big reveal of their pasts to happen but it took until practically the end of the book. This super slow burn never fired up for me. Poor Imogen did everything she could to survive and it felt like I was right along with her at times. Interesting narration and a well written and paced plot kept me intrigued enough.

Review by Michele W.


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