The Flatshare

By Beth O’Leary

Can two strangers share a flat, and a bed, without getting tangled up? In The Flatshare by Beth OLeary, Tiffy and Leon attempt it. They have different schedules so while Leon works nights, Tiffy sleeps.

I listened to this audiobook and I appreciate the complexities of the characters. The narrators, Kwaku Fortune and Hope Fletcher, were great. Leon is thoughtful and caring. Tiffy is eccentric and hilarious. She’s super tall and dresses funky and I love her for it.

“Sometimes it annoys people, like I’m purposefully taking up more room than I’m allowed.  And sometimes it intimidates them, especially when they’re used to looking down at women they’re talking to, but mostly it just makes them compliment me on my proportions a lot.”

  Not only do Tiffy and Leon have such depth, but the supporting characters do as well. The emotional pull towards Leon’s brother Richie is a constant in this book. I loved Tiffy’s supportive and funny friends. And I adored Leon’s patients.

This concept, of sharing a life and a bed with someone and not knowing them, is a great set up for a romance. It all came together nicely here. 

I sit back and meet his eyes, my skin already buzzing, but the look he gives me sends a jolt through me and now it’s as if 80% of my body has suddenly become heartbeat. I swallow. We’re as close as two humans can possibly be without kissing. There’s no flicker of panic this time, just blissful, fiery wanting. 


Review by Michele W.

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