The Friend Zone

By Abby Jimenez

This book is heavy. It is not a romantic comedy, it is a romanic anguish.

“She pivoted to face me full on. ‘There’s something you should know about me, Josh. I say what I think. I don’t have a coy bone in my body. Yes, you’re sexy.” 

Kristen is sick; her endometriosis is excruciating and prevents her from enjoying many important things in her life. The disease, along with a childhood made miserable by an overbearing mother, causes Kristen to have severe self esteem issues where she doubts her very self worth. 

And there’s Josh. Perfect former Marine, turned fireman, turned dog staircase builder for Kristen.

“’That was pretty sexy back there when you went Marine Corps on that guy,; she said as she pulled off her heels and chucked them through the open sunroof. ‘I wouldn’t have let him touch you.’ I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her, ever. She took a sip of her Sprite. ‘I know. That’s what was sexy about it.’”

He falls for our protagonist, and boy does he fall hard. Nothing, not even that very woman telling him she’s not interested like 5,000 times, could keep him away from her. Not ignoring him for weeks at a time. Not insisting he date other women. As much as Kristen tries to push Josh away, the more I hoped he could meet someone else.

Kristen lets her feelings for Josh cloud her vision so much she can’t properly end things with Tyler, but then she isn’t even able to commit to Josh so she seems like she is self sabotaging. I found it hard to root for someone who was so destructive to her own emotions but also hurting the ones around her.

“He hasn’t been kidding about having moves. He was as good on the floor as he was in bed. We danced for three songs, laughing the whole time.”

The first half of the book was Kristen not-cheating-but-falling-in-love with Josh, which was a total grey area of faithfulness. The second half of the book is gut wrenching and emotional. Be prepared with some tissues. 


Review by Michele W.

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