The Hunter

By Kerrigan Byrne

What a beautiful book The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne is. The second in her Victorian Rebel’s series, it follows assassin Christopher Argent as he is hired to kill the famous London stage actress, Millie LeCour. I loved the first book in this series, The Highywayman. It was gut wrenching and it took me some time to pick up this next book.

Somehow The Hunter was just as good. Millie is very compassionate and a lovely person. Christopher is ruthless and cold and didn’t know he even had a soul until he began to fall in love with Millie. Instead of killing her, he is drawn to protect her.

This book was exciting and thrilling, terribly sad and extremely optimistic, full of despair and legitimate fear but also promise and love. 

Millie’s loyalty and protectiveness over her son is sweet and tender. The spaces that Christopher makes in his heart for both of them is exquisite. I really appreciate the way that Kerrigan Byrne writes these characters with such depth and complexity. 

Review by Michele W.

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