The Kingmaker

By Kennedy Ryan

I don’t think I can fairly review this book without first mentioning that it ends on a cliffhanger. I feel like I have to start this review off this way because I was so invested in the characters and the story line and the way that this book ends is just.. WOW. Let’s just say that it is even hard for me to write a complete review because so much was left unresolved in this first book of the duet. But I will try. I already downloaded the second book in this duet, The Rebel King.

I listened to this audiobook and it was a great experience. Both narrators have incredibly sexy and emotional voices that really pulled me into the world.

Maxim Cade and Lennix Hunter first cross paths when she is 17 and protesting a pipeline on sacred Native American ground. Maxim is the son of the energy company tycoon overseeing the project and Lennix is a young Native American woman finding her voice and her passion.

Over the years, the two cross paths several times. Their chemistry is sparkling and they are both super passionate for their own causes. There is so much to like about this book, especially Lennix. She is beautiful, strong, and self assured. Maxim is great too, my only complaint is that for someone who is dedicating their life to combatting climate change, the irony that he is a billionaire and doesn’t seem to see any problem with that (besides acknowledging that he will donate half his net worth at some point) is an issue for me.

I will be able to give a more complete review when I conclude Lennix and Maxim’s story, but the set up and the beginning was beautiful and intense.


Review by Michele W.

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