The Kiss Thief

by L.J. Shen

I knew going into this book that it would be a tough read. A love triangle, a forced marriage, an abusive mobster family. None of these things are the start for a happy romance. But Francesca certainly tries.

While I was compelled to finish this book because I needed to know what happened, I did not necessarily like it. The writing, from L.J. Shen, is as good as always. But this was not a fun, easy, or enjoyable read. The characters are all super problematic, with brutal Senator Wolfe Keaton as one of the worse. As we learned his backstory, we understood his reasons but it did not justify any of his crap behavior to me.

Francesca’s love triangle is between two men – one she grew up with and who calls her “Goddess” and the cruel man who took her from her father in an act of blackmail and who calls her “Nemesis”. Poor Francesca is so sheltered and secluded to the point of abuse and her happily ever after isn’t much better.

Review by Michele W.


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