The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics

By Olivia Waite

This beautiful book by Olivia Waite tells the story of Lucy Muchelney, a female astronomer and the Countess who becomes her benefactress. The Countess, Catherine, is a widow and finding her own life after years supporting her husband during his explorations around the world. When an opportunity arises for a translator of an important French book on celestial mechanics, Lucy puts herself forward as a contender.

Prior to showing up at Catherine’s door, Lucy worked closely with her astronomer father, assisting and sometimes leading the findings on important calculations. Unfortunately, the fellows at the Society refuse to consider Lucy for the translation based on her sex.

Catherine, seeing the skill and passion that Lucy brings to the project, agrees to finance Lucy’s translation independently. What follows is a beautiful story of exploration, scientific and in love and life.

This book was full of beautiful astronomy references and descriptions of wonderful paintings and intricate and marvelous embroidery.

I appreciated reading about the challenges that women faced during the time and the perseverance that some women had regardless of their place in society. This was a wonderful story about two women finding love and personal fulfillment regardless of challenges.


Review by Michele W.

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