The Rebel King

By Kennedy Ryan

I was able to conclude the second book in Kennedy Ryan’s All The King’s Men Duet) today. The first book, The Kingmaker, ended on such a cliffhanger, that was super eager to see how Lennix and Maxim’s story concluded.

Their love story spanned years and continents and felt deep and genuine. I only wished that they had gotten married, even when they were younger. It seemed clear to the reader and to them that they were soulmates, destined to be together. They faced many challenges together and always came out stronger.

I really loved reading a book with a Native American heroine who is deeply connected to her heritage and on the front line of the fight for justice. 

And I really liked Maxim and I love his absolute adoration for Lennix. However I do struggle with being able to really love a billionaire protagonist, and having him juxtaposed with Lennix, a social activist and community organizer made it more glaring for me. 

These were my first books by Kennedy Ryan but I will eagerly read more from her.


Review by Michele W.

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