The Right Swipe

by Alisha Rai

The Right Swipe, by Alisha Rai, has a heroine, Rhiannon, who is smart, determined, caring, and strong. Her ambitions to succeed and prove her success on her own merits is inspiring. She works for what she wants in business, and she reasons, in bed. It is why she casually uses the very app she created, Crush, to find a hook up one night. 

After an amazing night and then being ghosted the next day, Rhiannon believes she will never see the sexy former football player, Samson, again. That is until she finds out he is closely associated with the the matchmaking company she is looking to acquire. This book follows as they work out whether they can work together, or lead to more. 

I love their chemistry and Samson’s unwavering interest in Rhi. Samson has the appeal of having a sexy football player’s body but the social consciousness to be wary of a dangerous sport that resulted in traumatic brain injuries for many former players. I appreciated the way that this book deals with the difficult topic of CTE. 

The other tough topic that is addressed in this book is workplace harassment and blackmail. I think it was handed well, and while she may not remember giving the advice, Rhi’s mother’s encouragement about success being the best revenge was the thread woven throughout this book. 

I listened to this audiobook and really liked the female narrator. The male narrator was great for Samson but too distracting as Aunt Annabelle, the wealthy owner of Matchmaker who happens to be Samson’s auntie. 

This book was great, and I was sad to leave Rhi and Samson when it was done. There are some flirty pics, an easy and undeniable attraction, and a crazy marketing plan just so the two could spend more time together. 


Review by Michele W

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