The Rogue Not Taken

By Sarah MacLean

I love a road trip romance, so when The Rogue Not Taken was recommended to me, I couldn’t wait to read it. I love Sarah MacLean’s historical romances and this was no exception. Sophie is an awesome heroine – bold, brave, hopeful. Her sisters are rather infamous for their various scandals and Sophie can’t stand the pressures of society. After making a scene with her brother in law, Sophie hides away in a carriage and hopes to escape.

She finds herself in the carriage of Kingscote (King), The Marquess of Eversley and the two set on a journey north together.

My favorite parts of his book were when Sophie was brave (dressing as a footman to escape her family) and determined (telling King she loved him when she was unsure of their future). On the other hand, I thought King was living too much in the past and unable to move forward productively. He was such a rogue with a notorious reputation that he loved to own.

King didn’t warm to Sophie right away and his negligence actively put her in danger.But I did like the connection that the two developed on the road. And the carriage sex is incredible.


Review by Michele W.

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