The Simple Wild

By K.A. Tucker

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

In the beginning and by the end of this book, I was in love with Calla and her self reflection and growth. The Simple Wild is the story of Calla, a woman from Toronto, who heads to Alaska to spend time with her estranged father after he is given a fatal cancer prognosis. 

In Alaska, Calla meets Jonah, the rugged Alaskan pilot who works for her father’s charter plane company and takes Calla on some rides she will never forget.

I immediately loved Calla: she was stubborn and fierce and like myself, was recently laid off from her job. So it was a little disappointing that Jonah kept wanting to change her. He pre judged her to be too superficial by looking at some of pictures on Instagram. Then he hid her luggage and her make up which was disrespectful. He just made her time in Alaska unnecessarily hostile. It wasn’t until he was able to warm up to Calla on his own terms did he relent: when she was stripped literally and figuratively bare.

While I didn’t like Jonah’s teasing and controlling ways, I adored Calla’s growth and her relationships with her wonderful stepfather Simon and her flawed biological father Wren. The other minor characters were enjoyable, especially 12 year old Mabel, whose energy and exuberance suited her. 

Review by Michele W.

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