The Turn of the Key

By Ruth Ware

This was an intense book. It is told through the point of view of our narrator, Rowan, who is apparently in prison and writing a letter to a solicitor in hopes that he will take on her case. All we know is that a girl has died – has been killed – and this woman is  in jail. 

From the beginning, we found ourselves questioning our narrator and realizing that she may not be a reliable source. Her motives are unclear, her background is murky, and the decisions she makes are questionable.

I read this book aloud to my husband – which we love to do when we have the time for it. We started this book around Halloween but it wasn’t until we had several days over Christmas break that we tore through this book. It kept us intrigued and we did not see the eventual twist coming. This book was equal parts terrifying, creepy, and heartbreaking and left me with a profound sense of sadness when it was over.


Review by Michele W.

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