The Unhoneymooners

by Christina Lauren

There were some things I really enjoyed about this book – Olive’s perspective and her loyalty and strong sense of morals; the vivid descriptions of beautiful Maui; the love of family so deeply portrayed throughout the book. However, the romance at the heart of this book was very much overshadowed by the “unromance” of the sick bride and groom who were unable to attend their own honeymoon.

Olive’s twin sister Ami and her new husband Dane become very ill on their wedding day and Olive and Dane’s brother, Ethan take the honeymoon trip to Hawaii on their behalf. But Olive and Ethan don’t get along – as a matter of fact, Olive is down right hostile to Ethan – for vague reasons. So what would be an idyllic trip in paradise is actually a stressful ordeal predicated on these enemies lying about their very identities.

The focus of this book swings from the animosity between Ethan and Olive, a brief repose when the two confront their actual feelings, to new animosities once the honeymoon is over.

“I do my best to pay attention, I really do, but it’s nearly impossible with Ethan so close. His arm is still draped across my chair and if I lean back just enough, his fingers brush the curve of my shoulder, the back of my neck. It feels like tiny licks of fire each time he makes contact.”

I found myself stressing on behalf of Olive throughout this book. If she wasn’t trying to get her career on track, she was sorting through feelings about Ethan, confronting her brother in law, or trying to smooth things over with her twin sister. I just wish she was able to be happier sooner. At least she had her big loving family to support her throughout her tribulations. 

“A fracture forms right down the middle of my heart. Half of it belongs to my sister, for what she’s about to go through; the other half will always keep beating for myself even when no one else will.”


Review by Michele W.