The Wedding Party

By Jasmine Guillory

At first, I thought this book was fluffy and fun but as I read more, and especially after a pivotal scene at a rally in Berkeley, I realized there was a lot more depth to this Party than I first thought. 

Maddie and Theo are such a good match but can’t admit it to themselves, or each other. Maddy is ambitious and works hard; she’s also beautiful and dresses fashionably. Theo is intelligent and driven; he has secret dance skills and dresses smartly. 

The two spent so much time avoiding each other, thinking they hated each other. However, when they come together one drunken night, they realize they don’t want to spend time apart. But they aren’t ready to tell their mutual best friend, and that is where the conflict lies.

The story felt natural and the characters were sensible and attractive. This was a fun read with a layer of depth that was very intriguing. 


Review by Michele W.

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