The Worst Best Man

By Mia Sosa

After Carolina Santos is left at the altar, she blames her ex fiancee’s best man, his brother Max, for giving him bad advice during his bachelor party. Lina is able to pick up the pieces after this break up and instead focuses on growing her wedding planning business.

When a dream opportunity arises, Lina gets a chance to submit a proposal to a major hotel chain. Lina hopes to become their in house wedding planner and she is super excited for the chance. Until she realizes she will have to work closely with the man who changed her life – Max Hartley.

As Lina and Max work together, they get to know each other really well and Lina begins to realize that she might have feelings for the man who she is supposed to hate.

Lina was awesome – I love her dedication and hard work. Her family and friends were wonderful and I loved all the references to Brazillian culture throughout the book. The descriptions of food had me salivating. And I liked how the author confronted some of the challenges that Lina faces as an Afro-Latinx woman, especially in a white male dominated work space.

Max was sweet and sexy and I liked how he worked to learn about Lina. While there were so many things I loved about this book, my biggest challenge while listening to the audiobook was the male narrator’s voice of other characters, especially women. I found it very distracting and almost like he was mocking their voices, even though I am sure that wasn’t the case.


Review by Michele W.

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