Their Summer Intern

By Jessa Kane

In this short but super sexy book, Zoe is starting a summer internship with her stepmother from hell. She meets her stepbrothers for the first time and immediately there is an intense connection between the three.

Bridger is the older brother and Jacob is the younger tattooed brother who is looking for validation from his older brother. While this was definitely a taboo book, the dynamic between the brothers throttled a line of deviousness that was unexpected and sexy.

Zoe might not have known what she was getting into when she entered this relationship, but she definitely helped bring everyone closer. This book was way less focused on her internship that her adventurous spirit and antics with her stepbrothers so I didn’t feel like the title was very relevant. But this was an easy, sexy book that I devoured in one sitting.


Review by Michele W.

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