Then She Was Gone

By Lisa Jewell

I needed time to recover from the emotional ringer that this book put me through before I could gather my thoughts for this review.

This is the story of a mother’s love and the lengths one would go. It is the story of youth, the beauty and allure and potential. It is the story of love, a familial love and a romantic love and love for one self. But mostly, it is a story of such horror and fear that it turns my stomach and breaks my heart.

Another Lisa Jewell book that I couldn’t put down and will surely stick with me for a long time. Her style of writing is remarkable – sharing as much information with the reader as the character is capable of sharing; when the twists are revealed they are less shocking and more understandable in the sick world she has created. 

There are parts in the book I cried and I laughed. It brought out deep feelings and fears. And ultimately I finished it less than 24 hours after I started it.


Review by Michele W.

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